Majacraft Aura Wheels

Majacraft Aura front view
The top of the range Aura will spin everything from laceweight to art yarn! It has effortless treadling and quiet operation along with the revolutionary and easy to adjust Aura drive allowing almost infinite adjustment and control over the yarn.
Majacraft Aura right side view
This Aura was made in 2015 and has been spun on every day and still looks as good as new. It is fitted with a Rose whorl accessory for slower speeds.
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Majacraft Aura back view
Back view of my 2015 Aura showing the Rose whorl. The Aura Club membership is available when you register your new Aura wheel and you will receive this handy spinning gauge after you register.
Majacraft Aura left side view
Left side view of 2015 Aura. It has two independent drive bands, one for the flyer and a second for the bobbin. The flyer drive has three different ratios and the bobbin drive has two ratios plus infinite adjustment. This design allows the spinner to have very precise control over the draw of the yarn on to the bobbin.

Majacraft Aura Wheels Fitted With Overdrive

Majacraft Aura with Overdrive
The Majacraft Aura is available with a factory fitted Overdrive instead of the normal Jumbo size Aura head, flyer and bobbins.
Majacraft Aura with Overdrive
The left side view of this amazing wheel fitted with the Overdrive. This wheel is also fitted with a Rose Whorl accessory for slow speed bulky spinning.
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Majacraft Aura with Overdrive
The back view of the 2015 Aura fitted with Overdrive.
Majacraft Aura with Overdrive
The right side view of my 2015 Aura fitted with the Overdrive. The Overdrive can be purchased separately as an Accessory.
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Bobbin and Flyer comparison

Majacraft Aura Jumbo Bobbin compared with Overdrive bobbin
Top view
Spare bobbins are available in accessories section
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Length view
End view

Majacraft Wheel Pricelist

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