Majacraft Carding

Majacraft Fusion Engine - a must have item for serious fibre artists!

The Majacraft Fusion Engine is the ultimate drum carder! With changeable drums ranging from very fine 128tpi for Alpaca and fine Merino to 72tpi for strong wools, you only need ONE Fusion Engine to create all your dream batts! It is easy to keep clean thanks to the fully enclosed gear drive which keeps fingers safe and does not jam with fibre like some of the other makes of carders on the market. The handle folds flat when not in use, saving space and preventing you from injury.

The revolutionary design of the Fusion Engine means you can safely use it on a flat surface without bashing your knuckles as there is sufficient clearance to keep your hands safe. The Fusion Engine comes with table clamps, cleaning brush and picker tool.

Add a direct injection tray and one of Majacraft's specially designed carrier bags for your Fusion Engine and you're easily mobile for workshops and other events.

They even make carrier bags for your spare drums!

A full range of spares are also available for your Fusion Engine.

Majacraft Preparation

Majacraft fibre preparation tools - must have items for serious fibre artists!

The Majacraft Hackles and combs allow you to colour blend as well as add texture and sparkle to your combed fibres. Hackles and Combs are available in single row and double row (for finer fibres) and the Hackles include table clamps and a protective cover for the tines when not in use. A Comb set includes table clamp and holder plus comb storage holder.

The Majacraft Diz is a wonderful tool for creating beautiful even roving from your combed and hackled creations.

The Majacraft Blending Board and the Majacraft Hand carders are wonderful additions to your fibre tools and take hand carding and creating rolags to a new level.

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