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Hand Spun Yarn

We produce 3 delicious colours in Arapawa: Rich Dark Chocolate, Golden Manuka Honey, Limited Edition Vanilla Icecream. Merino/Silk and pure silk yarns are one of our specialty items, we love soft and shiny yarns!

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Hand Dyed Yarn

We produce a rainbow of colours and fibres, mainly Merino and Alpaca in the softest of yarns. 

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Hand Woven Items

Check out our soft, warm hand woven blankets, throws and scarves, these are all created here on the farm on my 30+ year old NZ made floor looms.

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Shawls & Shawl/Wraps

Our signature hand spun and hand crafted shawl/wraps are available in a rainbow of colours, some in one - off colourways and patterns. They are soft and warm and designed for easy care and stylish looks to complement all your outfits. They can be worn as shawls, wraps and scarves. Special shawls are available in a range of colours and patterns.

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Special Knit Products

Based on popular movies & TV series, we now have a range of special knit products available featuring our own Arapawa sheep products.

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Other Products

From luxurious hand dyed silk scarves to warm soft hand dyed mits, there are wonderful hand crafted accessories for your wildest dreams!

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Fibre for Spinning

We produce 4 delicious colours in our Arapawa fibre: Rich Dark Chocolate, Golden Manuka Honey, Salted Caramel Tweed and Limited Edition Vanilla Icecream.

We have roving available in Rich Dark Chocolate and Golden Manuka Honey. Raw fleeces are available in Rich Dark Chocolate, Golden Manuka Honey and a range of delightful spotted fleeces. Fleece prices vary with fleece quality, colour and weight. Please contact us for details.

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